RosterBot for Hockey

Whether you are getting out of bed hours before the sun rises on Saturday morning or heading to the rink after work on Tuesday night, you want to make sure your game is actually happening.

Maybe your team’s goalie was working late. Or half your team is away for Christmas break. Or someone forgot the pucks again. We’ve all been there, looking around the dressing room hoping enough people waltz through the door so you can play the game you’ve been looking forward to all week.


RosterBot is an mobile app and web-program which tells your teammates know when and where the next game is, assigning positions, who’s bringing equipment, along with being a great team messaging tool.

In short – RosterBot can do everything your team needs!

RosterBot is a coaches and managers dream tool, which can become as essential to your team as pucks, sticks and goalies because it’s totally customizable and works for all teams of all ages and levels.

How does it work? Let’s find out!

Create your Team

Head to and create your team.

We’ve made signing up for RosterBot easier than an empty net goal; all you need is an email address.

 Input your Schedule

Because RosterBot’s most important feature is it’s ability to remind you and your teammates of when you are playing next, you will need to input your team’s schedule.

Click the ‘Create Event’ button and input fill out the fields as shown:


**TIME SAVER** If your league has a schedule published online, you can import your whole schedule to RosterBot with just a click. Check the Import Schedule button for this feature.

Or if you play on a regular interval, create a ‘recurring event’ in the Advanced Options.

Create your Positions

Hockey is a little different than other sports in that you have very specific positions which you must have filled in order to play, most importantly, goalie.

Not everyone on the team can play — or is crazy enough to play — in net, so you will want to make sure you’ve got two goalies coming to each game. RosterBot can actually do this for you – automatically.

If one, or both of your regular goalies can’t make it, RosterBot will begin asking your ‘backup goalies’ if they can fill that spot. Pretty cool, eh?

With RosterBot, you can keep track of exactly which positions are being filled for each game.

Every player on your team can register with two positions (ex. Forward and Defence). When they RSVP for a game, this player will fill the required Forward position. Or if your team already has enough Forwards, they will be registered as Defence for this game.

These positions are all completely customizable to meet the requirements of your team.

Let’s go over an example below with a screenshot from RosterBot:


For this team, we have created the most basic positions for a hockey team: Goalie, Forward & Defence.

Each position has a minimum and maximum amount of players who can fill these positions to ensure you can play your next game. In this case, your team must have at exactly 1 goalie – so we input our minimum as 1, as well as our maximum. This means that only person on your team can register as the goalie for a game.

For forwards, you will need 6 players to register as forwards (two lines), but no more than 9 forwards showing up (so you would max out with 3 full lines of forwards)

With 4 defencemen as a minimum, you will have at least 2 pairs, but no more than 3 pairs, with the maximum at 6.

As the manager of the team, you will be notified by RosterBot in advance of the game of which positions are filled up, or which ones you will need to find some spare players for.

Create your Spares

If you’re using RosterBot when your team is short on players, you’re not left to scramble, calling your friends or scouring Facebook for people to fill in for your team.

Just like NHL teams making the call to the farm, when they are in a jam, you can do the same thing with ‘Spares’.

You can create ‘Spares’ on RosterBot, which is a secondary list of people who will be invited by RosterBot when it looks like your team is going to be short players for your game.

When you add new players, they can sign-up as a Spare and will only be invited to play when your team’s maximum number of player hasn’t been reached yet.

Using ‘Spares’ is a great way to ensure you are never stuck without enough players to play you game.

Chat with your team

Keep up-to-date with your team with RosterBot’s Chirp feature, which is a real-time chat room.

Every player on your team will be able to follow the conversation making it the perfect way to coordinate car-pools, post-game dinners or discussing game plans.

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