RosterBot Release 4.6.832

We are always making improvements, rooting out gremlins and bugs in the program and generally trying our best to make RosterBot not only simple to use, but make it work in the way you would expect.

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November 24, 2016 – 4.6.832 Release

We made a whole whack of updates and bug-fixes to RosterBot today.

  • Fixed a bug which was incorrectly showing ‘You cannot check-in for this event’ to players, when an event was created without a location set.
  • Fixed an annoying bug which was not allowing certain cities to be selected when you were creating your team.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing only the first page of your roster to be printed.
  • A particularly irritating bug which allowed players to RSVP multiple times has been fixed so your Action Log and Attendance Change notifications will no longer show duplicates.
  • The scroll bars had disappeared on your Event Details page – those are back now.
  • Manager Report emails will now include the name of your player’s from your team’s Roster, not their Profile’s name.
  • Refreshments & Gear assignments are more clearly shown on your Event Page.
  • More activities to select from in the Create Team process.
  • Managers now can only update RSVP statuses for events which have passed.
  • Improved the messaging for people who are trying to sign-up with an email address they’ve already signed-up for RosterBot.
  • Replaced ‘Lock’ icon with a simpler ‘Edit’ button when changing the location of your event.
  • Reinforced the ‘Close Event’ option to stop players from checking-in when an event is closed.

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