Release Notes 4.6.843

It is FRIDAY! Let’s celebrate with some RosterBot updates!

  • Chirp Channel – You conversations will load at the most recent comment so you will be easily up-to-date with your teammates.
  • Chirp had a problem where if you refreshed the page it would sometimes fail to load. We fixed that.
  • We now show Manager icons for teams that you manage on the sidebar and top navigation bar.
  • Team Email – Managers can now see exactly who on the team is receiving the email before sending off your email.
  • Team Email – Improvements have been made to make it a little easier for everyone to read your message. Hopefully this will help in making sure your message gets across to your team!
  • Design Improvements – The layouts for Password Reset, Positions and Team Email are now in line with Material Design standards.
  • Post Event Reports – A silly bug which limited your post-event message to just 150 characters has been removed. Whoops!

If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements we could make to RosterBot, we’d love to hear them at




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