Post-Game Reports

Who doesn’t love reflecting on their last big win?

That’s right, everyone does!

So what if your team doesn’t play professionally and have their game’s covered by a team of reporters, now you can promote your latest win, pick the 3 Stars of the game and write a short write-up of your win with RosterBot’s Post-Game Reports!

Following you game, team managers will see on their team’s Dashboard that they can fill out their team’s Post-Game Report where they can:

  • Record the score
  • Select 3 Stars of the Game
  • Track game attendance
  • Write a complete game review
  • Send the Report to anyone connected to the team on RosterBot

And if you are managin a RosterBot Pro team you can also:

  • Track and record your team’s Wins, Losses, Ties
  • Track and record all your teammates individual statistics from goals to points to penalties
  • Confirm Refreshments & Drinks were brought by the correct person

Your Post-Game Report is a great way for players to hear feedback on their play, for parents to find out what they missed if they missed the game or to keep track of your team’s record throughout the year.

Sign Your Team Up to RosterBot For Free Today! 

Any team manager can find their Post-Game Report by selecting any past event. Next begin filling out the fields, assigning 3 Stars and when you are done, click the ‘Send’ button and everyone on the team will receive your Post-Game Report

Start Providing Your Team with Great Post-Game Reports & More with RosterBot! 


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