Christmas Gift for Sports Fans & Athletes

Hello Sports Fans and Rosterbotters!

It’s that time of year again! Blow-up Frosty is on your neighbor’s front lawn, car doors are freezing shut, delightful Christmas carols echo throughout the malls, every parking lot on the planet seems jam-packed and there are all sorts of fun, festive activities. 🎄Fa la la la la 🎄!  

Before you know it, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to get your favorite people and if you are like me you’ve got at least one crazy sports fan in your life. If you are also like me, you hate to leave your holiday shopping until the last-minute, but you usually do Here at Rosterbot we wanted spread some Christmas cheer and not only help you organize your team like we do everyday but also help you get organized for Christmas.

This blog entry is dedicated to all you folks who are buying gifts for hard-core, hard to buy for sports fans, enthusiasts and athletes. Counting them down from #10, here is our holiday hit list.

#10 – Mega Can Sports Cooler


Let’s start with something practical. You or your sports fan’s team will love you for this gift. It has the potential to ensure everyone is feeling the taken care of because it ensures there are enough beverages to go around for everyone on the team.

What could be better than a giant container full of beverages to share!

#9 –  Hockey Stick Snowbrush


Being from Canada I already use my hockey stick to wipe my windshield but this just takes the cake. You or your sports fan could have a hockey stick with a snowbrush attached! What will they think of next?!? 


#8 – Astroturf Drink Coasters


So your sports fan is missing the sunny days and the green grass of the summer? No problem, surprise him or her with something from that carefree season.

A gift that feels good to the touch and you can feel good giving these handmade, Astroturf drink coasters! Bring the outdoors of summer indoors this winter and all at a really reasonable price.

#7 – MLB Game Used Jersey Wallets 


The name of the website says it all because this really is an uncommon gift. Who knew you could take a stinky old uniform and turn it into such a cool gift!

Fun, function, and a piece of baseball history when you purchase one of these for your sports fan. And this is another gift to feel good about giving!

Reduce, reuse, recycle with a wallet made from lovingly worn MLB uniforms.

#6 –Hockey Stick BBQ Set


While we are on a roll for gifts related to longer days and summer nights, I wanted to draw your attention to this beauty gift. Now, I don’t know if you have noticed but I think a lot of mega sports fans double as barbecue genius’.

They can really rock the grill at their tailgate parties with their gourmet foot long hot dogs, ribs and delicious burgers.

Any barbecuing sports fan would love to get our next gift suggestion – hockey stick or golf club handled barbecue tools!’

#5 – Classic Leather Sports Equipment


Let’s reflect on a more classy gift for number seven. This is a gift I would be proud to get my Dad. Beautifully crafted 1940’s style, brown leather rugby, football and soccer balls. Great addition to any man cave.

These are art.

#4 – Human Slingshot


Ok – this one is a bit different but I had to throw it in. I think it would be a hoot at team wind-up parties. Who needs beer pong when you can have (wait for it) THE HUMAN SLINGSHOT!!!!!!

Think of all the fun and stories that could be had with this baby. Need I say more? 

Great Gift Idea for $0.00? RosterBot! 

#3 –Aquabot Spray Bottle Top


Every good (or not so good) athlete is in need of hydration, so this next one is for those who want to take their hydration equipment to the next level.

This state-of-the-art water bottle won’t just hold your H2O but it will also mist, jet and shower you with hydration. Skip the showers after the game and clean up nicely with this little prize.

#2 – Sports Memorabilia Bundle


This next one I call this the sports memorabilia bundle. Maybe for those people you need to shower with quantity and not necessarily quality. These are a couple of gifts that everyone has thought about buying at one time or the other. Or maybe they have one but not the other. These are must haves.

Bundle A: A snuggie for you or your sports fan’s favorite professional team. So many teams, so many snuggles,so many snuggies to choose from.

Bundle B: The foam finger re-invented. Take your devotion above your shoulders and get a foam mascot head of your favorite pro team.

Accompany these genius ideas with some left-over Halloween face-paint you have kicking around and you have a game day, tailgate gift bundle. Warm buns in the snuggie and channel the pro team through your foam head.

#1 – Custom Bobblehead


Our final gift suggestion was chosen not so much for it’s uniqueness but rather for it’s greatness.

Any amateur athlete or sportsfan has thought about what it would be like to have their likeness memorialized (while they are still alive) in plastic for decades and decades of inspiring and  idolizing younger athletic generations.

This item is not just a gift, but the opportunity to make your athlete’s or sports fan’s dreams come true with their very own personalized bobble head. While they can’t make the Hall of Fame, they can make it on the dashboard of the car, on their  Mother’s mantel, or in their locker at the gym.

Bobbleheads can go anywhere and give your sports fans chance to be idolized like a pro. This gift is a holiday winner for sure. So what are you waiting for order yours today and make all their Christmas wishes come true.

Have any other ideas for the athletes in you life? We’d love to hear them, so leave your comments below!

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas from Rosterbot

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