5 Awesome & Unexpected Sports Using RosterBot

RosterBot has teams playing over 350 different sports and activities on every continent. Actually check that, we’re working on Antarctica with Morgan Freeman to get those penguins to coordinate their march.

Hey Brian, am I crazy or did this march have a lot better turn out last year? You sure this is the day?

When we created RosterBot it was initially with traditional team sports Canadians play like Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football with some occasional Lacrosse and Rugby squads mixed in.

Well nowadays RosterBot has expanded further than we originally conceived and now we’ve got cycling teams in Tokyo organizing their rides on RosterBot, along with cricket teams in Bangalore ensuring their matches start on time, and recently even got a helicopter-flying team launching in Dubai.

Here are 5 unique team sports using RosterBot to Take the Work Out of Play thanks to their ingenious managers.



Up in Scandinavia we’ve had an influx of Innebandy teams signing up, which firstly made us happy, then confused as we had no idea what this activity was.

Innebandy is a lot like floor hockey, but it played with a slightly different stick, it kind of looks like a waffle on the end of a hockey stick shaft, and a your typical hockey puck has been replaced with a wiffle ball.

It’s pretty serious stuff too. World Championships are held every year for Men and Women. Good luck beating the Swedes or Finns though; they have taken nearly every Gold medal in the World Championships since they started.

Rowing/Dragon Boating/Sailing

1306-02 Dragon Boat Races

Outside of soccer/football, RosterBot’s most geographically diverse sporting group are the people taking to the water. Rowers, paddlers, dragon boaters up and down the Pacific coast of North America, throughout the UK and Europe, all the way down to Australia and New Zealand and, most recently, in China and the Philippines have signed up.

With large crews required and different positions in the boat, it’s safe to say organizing people to get to the water’s edge before the sun comes up isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. And who wants to get up that early only to find out no one else is showing up.  Two problems RosterBot handles pretty well, we think.

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When our first Kabaddi team signed up earlier this month, no one in our office had ever heard of the sport so we took to Google for an answer.

Well we watched some of the largest dudes we have ever seen wrestle, tackle and run around on Youtube but didn’t really have any idea what was going on, but was it not entertaining.

Check this out!

We did some more research and figured out how the game is actually played and it turns out there’s different variations depending on where in the world you are playing.

You get points from tackling a player to the ground after initially making contact with him. If he is able to get away, he gets a point. If you take him down, your team gets a point. There’s a lot more to it so if you know, let us know!

It’s the national sport of Nepal and Bangladesh, but is immensely popular throughout a lot of South Asia and has since spread throughout the world. We are big fans of this new, to us, sport so get your Kabaddi playing buddies on board!

League of Legends


League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world with over 27 million people playing per day across the globe, so it was only a matter of time before one of the 27 million stumbled upon RosterBot.

With so many gamers playing on teams, clans, groups of people which often don’t even live in the same country, let alone same continent, RosterBot is a great way to coordinate the exact time everyone plumps their self in front of their computer, no matter where in the world your teammates might be located.

League of Legends isn’t the only online game that pops up on RosterBot from time to time. We’ve got people playing Call of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, teams of people playing EA Sports’ NHL, FIFA, Madden and more. You name the game and someone’s probably using RosterBot for their team.



People are chasing Golden Snitches, avoiding Bludgers and tossing Quaffles all over the globe just like Harry Potter. Well almost like Harry Potter, flying hasn’t quite be sorted out yet.

But with the strict rules, positions and a ton of gear required to play, Quidditch teams are finding it especially helpful to use RosterBot in reminding when and where their next match is. And who’s bringing the butterbeers.

Our only issue will be if someone over at Hogwarts is able to crack our complex RosterBot code, replacing it with some industry crushing spell.

Are you playing a sport which many people don’t know? We want to hear from you!



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