Release Notes

The focus of our latest update was to provide better insight into how RosterBot works while you are using it. This includes improved messaging for things like being prevented from checking-in to an event.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of our updates:

  • Pop-up alerts which explain why you are being prevented from checking-in to an event.
  • Improved explanations for Spare players trying to check-in to events.
  • More in-depth invoices for users with multiple PRO teams and user accounts.
  • Clearer copy and explanation for creating team banners.
  • Simpler language included on Create Event page.
  • Simplified the requirements for creating a Team Payment.
  • Improved load times for all pages.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Samsung Galaxy 7 tablets to render the site incorrectly.
  • Spreadsheet importer dramatically improved to allow for all .CSV file types to be imported.
  • Fixed a bug affecting users trying to synch their team’s schedule to their personal calendars using iCAL/WebCal.
  • Better explanation for users trying to sign-up for an account with an email address that’s already in use.

If you have any issues, bugs or requests we could use to improve RosterBot, we’d love to hear from you at

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