It’s time to update your RosterBot iOS App

After much work, RosterBot’s iOS app is now available to be updated on your iPhone. This isn’t just an update of bug fixes and small improvements – there’s some real meat to the upgrade so we’d encourage you to check it out!

Here are some of the improvements and additions to RosterBot’s iOS app which you can download today from the App Store:

  • Push Notifications – If you had found your push notifications weren’t coming through, we have fixed this aggravating bug. Swiping your push notification open will take you directly to the page you want. Big time-saver!
  • Upgrade any of your team’s to RosterBot PRO – start your team’s RosterBot PRO free 30 day trial directly from your iPhone.
  • Team Bundling Pricing for PRO – You will also be able to bundle multiple teams for a great deal on RosterBot PRO
  • Team Fees Page – Paying your team’s fees can kinda suck. So we’ve tried to make it a little easier to keep track of. Now you can find out exactly which fees you have upcoming and which ones you might have missed the due date on. This page highlights anything you might be owing and allows you pay directly to your manager.
  • Event Page Layout Changes – Back by popular demand: your own profile is now listed in the Event Roster. You can also find your Refreshment & Gear assignment more easily readable.

If you would like to see other improvements or have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them! Let us know at and we will get back as soon as possible.